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Velvia 50 [roll #5]

Wednesday 4th April 2018

I have been excited at the thought of shooting with Velvia 50 since I bought the FM. It's famous for it's performance in landscape photography because it produces beautiful vibrant colours and contrasty scenes, which I can definitely vouch for based on how the photos below came out. It's labelled as a 'pro' film, simply because you have to know how to shoot it (also, it's expensive at ~£15 a roll). By that I mean, for a start it's a slow film, so you should really only use it on days with good weather where you can get the most out of it & not underexpose it or waste it on dull scenes. It's also no good for portraits because it's a little heavy on the reds & people's faces will come out reddish to a noticable degree (I didn't listen, & half my roll is photos of my girlfiend with a red face). But it is fantastically vibrant in the right conditions.

Unfortunately, I was too keen to process this roll & I did waste a few shots on uninteresting subject matter (not my girlfriend, photos of cameras & the Christmas tree). As you can see below, the photos I took at golden hour & the dog-walker earlier on came out well, however the photo of my girlfriend was taken on a cloudy day which dulled the colours. I somehow got away with the colours & exposure with the photo of the duck & I quite like how it came out - the mixed-colour leaves look good & the water & log look contrasty in a good way.

Of course, photography is as subjective as any other art-form & some people don't like the over-contrasty look, but thankfully each film that I have shot with in the Fujifilm range produces a different look / tone, as do films from other manufacturers.

I am going to be more careful with my next roll of Velvia 50. I also keep forgetting to make a note of lenses used & camera settings (f-stop, shutter speed etc) when I'm taking photos, so I'll try to remember so I can note that down here, too.

The following photos are copyright me. I do not give permission to save them or use them elsewhere.

A dog walker in Saltwell Park

A row of trees at late afternoon

Fallen leaves beside a gate

Surviving leaves on a tree

A duck, probably wondering why people litter the river

My girlfriend taking a photo of Durham Cathedral