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Superia 400 [roll #4]

Friday 26th January 2018

As I started writing in my previous post; I learnt recently that when shooting with negative film (C41 type film) you can be more careless with exposure than with slide film (E6 type film). This is due to the leniency of negative film in the developing process. If you over or under expose a photo, this can be corrected in the developing process rather easily, but as Ken Rockwell warns (see my last post about Ken), slide film is not forgiving. I think it has to do with the sensitivity, the chemicals used and the fact that slide film is developed 'as-is' whereas negative film is - well, the negative image.

I just thought I'd mention that seeing as Superia 400 is negative film and my last roll - Velvia 100 - was slide film (and some of my exposures didn't come out so well). I also just finished a roll of Velvia 50 (also slide film), which will be my next post.

This roll was partly family snapshots, so unfortunately I only have 9 photos for you today. My favourite from this roll is the tall grass blurred in the foreground with the trees in the background. I like how the grass clutters the frame, and the brightness of the trees is a nice contrast against the woody background. It's not usually my style, but somehow I felt like giving it a try that day. I also like the photo of the tall reeds lining the path. The red tips of the grass are a nice contrast. As for the pancakes - food is always fun to photograph - especially when playing with bokeh.

The following photos are copyright me. I do not give permission to save them or use them elsewhere.

Breakfast Pancakes

Tall grass and trees against a wooded background, The Lake District

Path lined by tall grass, The Lake District

A forgotten phonebox in a hidden village in Yorkshire

A lake lined with tall grass, The Lake District

A boat club house on the river Ouse, York

A very old building, Museum Gardens, York

More very old buildings, Museum Gardens, York

York University